Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freen Da Gods

Welcome to da eye in eye

Life and death God and Satan is like 2 twin dragons born joined at da head like siamese babys and locked in eternal blood fury,in a war dat neither one is ever gonna win)dats why its up to us to create a new universe for our ancestors and descendants to live death and die alive in peace.dats one of da reasons I call myself R.I.P. Josama cause this is all Revolution in progress.Its like we go through hell to find a heaven dat dont give a shit about us so fuck both sides of da coin we gonna push boundries and create a whole new way of feelen seeing,transcending to dat next level shit,one of da reasons Hip Hop spoke to me personally as a lil kid is cause we really on to something and i dont know if u know anything about 2012 but dats da year alot of da bullshit is gonna come to light and our ancestors are comen back through us to war wit dat double headed dragon,nah mean.I was reading that our DNA structure has been changen da last 20-30 years from double helix to triple helix,cause our bodys are preparen themselves to enter 5th dimention.

dats why this is da illest time to be alive. it all really started wit our generation,and our kids and grandkids are gonna be usen a higher percentage of there mind ,to da point I wouldnt be surprised if after 2012 we all talken wit our minds and teleporten from point A to point B.Shit is ill,so da work dat we'r doen right now,writeing recording,painting,drawing,dancing and just expressen yourself in progressive creative ways is very significant , we'r part of something bigger then ourselves but at da same time our self is bigger then dat something,dats why cant let this system make vics of us like it has of our fathers brothers cousins and peoples.

dats why when I say we warriors I mean dat in every sense of da word. we gotta protect our blood and our hightened sense of being from a system dat wants to destroy us wit its lies and bullshit .........2012 right around da corner,prepare ya'll selves